LITHCOTE® Iso-Cleaning Paste

LITHCOTE®Iso-Cleaning Paste

With a strong reputation in the fields of industrial coating application and decontamination, Lithcote has developed a revolutionary cleaning system for high voltage insulators.

Limiting downtime in the industry is a key factor for high profitability.

This it the reason why we developed the cleaning system for high voltage isolator; the most efficient ever!

This paste thoroughly cleans all type of insulators in a lot of industrial sectors, being it glass, ceramic or plastic. Field of application: Energy transport (Elia) and Railways.

This product is very easy to apply, which limit the maintenance time; moreover, it’s nontoxic.

Lithcote Iso-Cleaning Paste creates a hydrophobic film which prevents dust from settling on the insulators and therefore protects them from “flash over” effects. The big advantage is that the maintenance cycles are longer and the downtime is reduced.

Lithcote Iso-Cleaning Paste has been designed to clean highly contaminated insulators and to create a protective film (sealing) in a single application. Apply it with a cloth and polish the surface, the insulator is then decontaminated and protected. In areas of high humidity and where air pollution is high, a layer of Lithcote Silicone Grease is recommended.

The product is physiologically harmless. No protection Is necessary for its use.

The energy transportation industry:

The Lithcote cleaning system increase the security in the supply chain of electricity transmission network, in particular by preventing “Flash Over”. In addition, the time spent on cleaning work can be considerably reduced due to the protective effect of Iso Cleaning Lithcote Paste®.

Using Lithcote cleaning systems cause the electrical industry to save 50 up to 75% of their cleaning costs compared to conventional methods (mechanical cleaning).

Manufacturing industry :

In the manufacturing industry, especially in energy-intensive areas such as metal processing plants and un the cement industry, the Lithcote cleaning system is used to protect the condensators/capacitors. The areas to be cleaned are relatively small but the cleaning cycles with traditional methods are very short due to high degree of contamination.

Rail transport :

The effect of mechanical cleaning combined with the sealing film protection against re-contamination is an additional advantage compared to conventional liquid detergents. This generates savings in both cleaning and maintenance costs.

The level of contamination depends on the volume of traffic. In Urban areas, the savings effect when using Iso-Cleaning Past is very significant.

In rail transport, the main fields of application are:

Railway infrastructure :

Cleaning the glass surfaces of traffic lights and enamel signs that are contaminated with brake dust and rust caused by iron. Lithcote Iso-Cleaning Paste® is also used for cleaning thermoplastic surfaces.

Maintenance of Wagons and trains :

Electrical insulators on the roofs of locomotives with are moving targets for all types of persistent dirt. Lithcote Iso Cleaning Paste® can also be used in conjunction with Lithcote silicone Grease, which allows rail traffic without failure.

High voltage networks :

The high voltage networks of the national railways have the same requirements as the electricity industry. Our cleaning products are just as suitable and effective in this area.

Other applications :

Lithcote Iso-Cleaning® paste can be used in the field of sailing: for cleaning and preserving aluminum masts on sailboats.

In motorcycle racing, Iso-Cleaning LITHCOTE® paste is often used to clean wheels and exhausts. It is mentioned in many forums on the Internet as a veritable “secret weapon”.

In private homes there are countless applications for the Lithcote® cleaning system. To name just a few of them:

  • Cleaning and waxing of plastic window frames – PVC
  • Cleaning and waxing of plastic garden furniture.
  • Cleaning the ceramic hobs in the kitchen
  • Cleaning the windows of the inserts and fireplaces
  • Cleaning and polishing tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, stainless steel sinks and worktops
  • Cleaning and waxing of tile joints
  • Nettoyage et cirage des joints de carrelage
  • Polishing chrome rims or any other chrome part.

Power plant insulator

Interior cleaning

High voltage line isolator

Aluminum rim cleaning

Rail sector isolator

Appliance maintenance


Motorcycle Chrome Maintenance