PEEK® is a thermostable semi-crystalline thermoplastic. It is used, for example, to reinforce carbon fiber structures or as a coating for non-lubricated mechanical parts, as well as for surgical prostheses.

It is also a very demanded in aeronautics and aerospace sectors (especially for wheel or brake elements subject to high stresses).

Its mechanical characteristics give it a significant resistance (Rockwell hardness: 102)

PEEK® is present in almost all industrial sectors, thanks to the combination of several critical properties. Its development is imposed by the need to push the limits of the use of materials. It is a substitute for machined metals such as stainless steel, aluminum or titanium, for thermoplastics and thermosets, or a response to new designs.

Lithcote has developed a technique allowing it to be applied in the form of a coating on parts with several geometry and to allow the customer to benefit from these numerous advantages.

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