Polyamide 11 (polyundecanamide, nylon 11, PA 11, sometimes called “French nylon”) is a thermoplastic polymer from the family of aliphatic polyamides. Its a renewable product, as its derived from ricin oil.

Polyamide 11 is a non-biodegradable agro-based bioplastic.

Rilsans are used in electrostatic coating to produce, for example, vehicle parts for rigid or flexible pipes for drinking water, oil and gas transport sectors (e.g. offshore pipes) these coatings have excellent resistance to corrosion (superior to epoxies) and very stable mechanical behavior.


“Rislanisation” consists of the deposition of polyamide 11 (sold by Arkema under the brand Rilsan PA11), a thermoplastic polymer from the family of polyamides, on a generally metallic part. PA 11 is a non-biodegradable bio-based bioplastic. It comes from a material of plant origin, “ricin” oil. Therefore, it is considered ecological.

This coating is particularly interesting when looking for anticorrosion protection (good resistance to the salt spray test), electrical insulation, resistance to abrasion and to cavitation and chemical attacks. In addition to these “industrial” characteristics, it can be used for aesthetic purposes.

Tobacco comb

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