Anti corrosion

For more then 50 yeasr, Lithcote® has produced container coatings formulations (formo-phenolic) to protect containers (iso-container / rail container) for the transport of aggressive chemicals.

For 3 years, we have developed a fluoropolymer coating (transformed PVDF), as well as his application process which allows us to apply it in a confined environment and therefore in containers.

This LITHON PVDF® system has made it possible to increase in an unequaled way the chemical resistance of the containers.

Beyond the improvement obtained in terms of chemical resistance, with an elongation capacity of 50%, our coating can easily absorb the mechanical stresses encountered by the containers during transport.

As fluoro polymer, our PVDF offers a better cleaning process to facilitate the change of the transported product.

In addition, Lithcote Europe® provides advice to his customers to help them to choose the best coating to solve their operational problem.

Most of the services/works (which require large ovens) are done in our workshops in Trazegnies. Sometimes we need to intervene on the customer’s site for small repairs or when the customer has his own ovens on site.