Energy, Compressor & Turbine (Turbo machinery)

Our Company has developed a whole range of innovative products that can meet the various standards required in the energy sector, by creating specific solutions intended for optimal recovery of solar energy; but also for the protection of turbomachinery, power generators, compressor rotors, gas turbine, aerodynamic beams (aerodynamic bundle), etc.

These solutions, organic or inorganic, are able to reach unexpected corrosion, mechanical and thermal resistance protection, as well as an anti-foulong effect.

Laboratory tests have revealed that a rotor coating with our anti fouling solution has gained between 16 – 22 % of efficiency compared to an uncoated rotor, representing significant energy savings. In addition, the service life of this equipment coated with our Lithon 4300 system has doubled compared to an uncoated equipment.

We are specialized in treatment of heat exchangers but also tubes bundles, ship coolers or even lamellar exchangers, giving them a longer service life and an increased efficiency.

We have also developed an electrical insulator cleaning product with an “anti-fouling” effect called ISO Cleaning paste, on which you will find details in the Products tab: Cleaning pastes.

Reactor part

Radial compressor rotor

Radial compressor rotor

Axial compressor rotor