Lithcote has developed, by transforming the product, an implementation method allowing it to be applied in a confined environment, this allowing the coating of reactors and transport tanks (Iso-Container).

This LITHON PVDF® coating system has made it possible to increase in an unequaled way the chemical resistance of the containers.

Beyond the improvement obtained in terms of chemical resistance, this coating offers an elongation capacity of 50% allowing it easily to absorb the mechanical stresses encountered during their transport.

Being a fluoropolymer, our PVDF provides the additional advantage of cleaning facilities when changing the transported products.

PVDF is a very resistant semi-crystalline thermoplastic fluoropolymer (near 50% crystallinity). Like other fluoropolymers, it supports UV rays, has good resistance to fire and against the most corrosive chemicals products..

PVDF has many applications, it is used for piping, accessories and tanks in the chemical industry.

Cooling system

Cooling system

Machining part

Exchanger flanges