Nobacoat® kills Covid-19

Lithcote®, a company specialized in the formulation and application of surface coatings, has invested massively in its research and development department in recent years, and even more now due to the current health situation.

We have completed what we aspired to do, we have developed a coating which is at the same time virucidal, bactericidal, and completely fungicidal.
This means that if a virus or bacteria were to settle on the treated surface, the infectious load would be deactivated.

Through the culmination of our efforts, we are able to propose this treatment which will undoubtedly revolutionize several sectors: Transport, Pharmaceutical industry, Hospital sector, and also items from everyday life …

This technology is based on functional nano-ceramics chemically linked to a polymer network.
The surface treatment is transparent, not very thick (10 μm), flexible, very resistant, and above all: active …

This product has been validated for its effectiveness against Covid-19 in a laboratory at the University of Liège.
In addition, a new version is being finalized which can also be applied to textiles (blouses, masks, etc …) further strengthening the protection of people.

If you have any questions, or if you wish to be kept informed of the development of Nobacoat®, we invite you to contact us by email: or by phone.

Lithcote Europe sa

C. Leclercq